Caution the winter holiday season can bring more then just an empty wallet. The stress alone can drive you crazy, I can help you.

It‘s time for you to try “Tui’na” Chinese Massage

I am sure you are a person that loves a great massage, . Tui’na, a Chinese form of massage is for you.  I will warn you a head of time that it is not one of the gentlest techniques. Don’t be scared it’s not painful, think of it as a workout. With little or no effort on your end. My style of tui’na is some what  unique which is a great for massage enthusiasts.


Tui’na massage was once used as an ancient Chinese form of healing. (TCM ) theory states when the lines of energy or qi are out of balance due to physical or emotional stressors, the body becomes ill.  Tui’na is used to assist in restoring this flow of energy by unblocking the obstructions. Some people remain blocked for so long that they felt like a new person after just a single session.


This ancient form of massage is still one of the most popular styles of preventative healthcare utilized today in China with somewhat of a Western flair. Restoring qi results in increased blood flow and circulation along with renewed energy and the release of harmful toxins from the body. Simply put we will take the stress off your shoulders and giving you some much needed breathing space.

A Tui’na massage involves finger, palm and even elbow pressure techniques. It is similar to acupuncture minus the needles. This treatment can be performed fully clothed or the participant may disrobe like a regular massage where I will use oils or lotions. This type of massage has an active component to it, Where I will be moving ex. your arms and legs around, almost as if you where receiving a Thai massage.


The Tui’na massage has an immune system component, where stimulating the tissue to assist in the release of toxins that have been accumulating deep in the tissue will now move this waste through the lymph system to excrete it. As a result, the immune system is boosted as well as the nervous system. As the body is releasing the toxins, you may feel strange, this is the body now receiving the nutrients and oxygen it needs. Any pains that you have after the massage will eventually disappear with the toxins. This is very important cause we are performing a physical/ manual therapy, where we want to elicit a physical change in your body. So feeling a little achy the next day is not entirely bad thing.


The massage is performed on a massage table just as any other type of massage would be. Each move is guided by the therapist for comfort and maximum effect. A massage session may last  as long as an hour or as short as a half hour. It’s extremely common that due to the huge stress release you will receive you will sleep like a baby that night.

Your first session

The pressure can be  a little uncomfortable especially for someone that is holding allot tension or in experiencing acute or chronic pain. So we custom fit each treatment to the individual. So the first session is always performed at a lower intensity.The first time it takes a bit of getting used to.


Pain is a good thing, it’s the bodies way of asking for help.

Uncomfortable pressure indicates areas of greater blockage that we will attend to. Before beginning a  Tui’na massage, we will go over your health history to make sure we provide the safest and most effective treatment possible.


If you have been either looking for a way to reduce bodily pain, or just a way to escape the over whelming feelings of stress I know I can help you……GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE AVAILABLE



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