Feeling like your head is stuck in a vise? Headaches sufferers acupuncture can help!

Headaches are commonly a result of high stress, catching a cold, staying up to late or indulging in alcohol or nutrient deficient foods. Headaches are experienced by the greater population and sadly accepted as a normal thing. I have had people in the office say they have “regular daily headaches”.  Some of the possible causes of headaches can be from chronic sinus problems, muscle tension, eyestrain, clenching the jaw, mental, emotional, physical stress a virus or maybe even allergies.

My head hurts everywhere I touch, even my neck feels stiff and achy………

Do you have a difficult time focusing at work, is the pain overwhelming?

Headaches can be experienced at the front of the head, the temples, the back of the head near the neck or the top of the head. The location, duration and experience is unique to everyone but the pain is always described as the same. There are a plethora of contributing factors that can be cause headaches during the day or in the evening both while active or at rest. In complicated cases like migraines or neurological headaches, the headaches may be accompanied by sensitivity to light or sound, nausea and vomiting.

Chinese medicine ie. acupuncture views pain as being the body’s signal that there is a blockage of energy that is stagnating in the meridians. Some of the causes of the stagnation include developing a cold, depression, or a trauma that throws the energy out of balance as a result of physical injury. Our strategy to helping alleviate this concern is to search for imbalances or areas of dysfunction.  We then can deliver targeted therapies like acupuncture, acupressure massage for pain relief, nutritional information and maybe even tai chi/ meditation exercises to reduce stress.

If you are someone suffering from headaches, acupuncture may be something that can help you.

If  you would like more information please consider coming into the office for a free consultation.

(905) 840-9355 or dave.echung@gmail.com



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