Increase your productivity in minutes

 Simple but effective way to get the most done in the shortest amount of time.  

Say you have “stuff” that needs to be done.

 #1. Write out the list so you can clearly see what you need to do.

#2.  Give yourself a time limit in which you are allowing yourself to get it done.

Use an egg timer or stopwatch on your  iphone/ blackberry. Access an estimated time frame in which you think it will take to complete the task. Example: Going over your monthly expenses and organizing your receipts/ bills.

30 minutes sounds reasonable.  Set your clock and get to it. Most times you will see that giving yourself a time limit will keep you focused on the single task and keep your mind from wondering.

This simple method will help you eliminate wasted time and keep you focused. After the 30 minutes is completed move on to something else. Even if you have to come back to it later. At least the bulk of it is completed.

You will be surprised to see how much you will be able to get done once you start learning how much you can get done in a such a short time.

Consider mind mapping this is a very power tool to help organize thoughts and ideas.

David .E Chung


About daveechung

I am a Acupuncture and tui'na chinese massage practitioner. I help those in need of a physical and emotional change. View all posts by daveechung

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