A wellness program in the workplace can be…

A wellness program in the workplace can be a huge cost saver to your company. Here are a couple of ideas you can benefit from. First off you will need to creating a wellness team in the workplace. This specialty team will meet, organize and plan information session and healthy activities for the company to participate in. These health ambassadors will work to improve the health of the overall company.

Healthy happy employees are productive focused people. Here are some quick tips that you can use to help get your program off the ground.

1. In order for your program to be successful you must have the CEO, managers and supervisors support.

2. Contact local professionals to come into your workplace and provide 30 minute lunch and learn seminars. (Consider having an Acupuncture practitioner, Chiropractor, Massage therapist or Naturopath)

3. Start holding meetings outside in the nice weather, fresh air is both rejuvenating and promotes mental clarity.

4. Dedicate an area for a bulletin board where the wellness team can post healthy life style articles from newspapers and magazines.

5. Organize to have a massage therapist come into the workplace and offer seated chair massage. This is the single greatest form of reducing stress and tension and is loved by all. http://bit.ly/hrY1Lw contact me for special details on how you may qualify for this special service for FREE…….

For more information on how to get your wellness program started, please feel free to give me a call.

David E Chung
ph# (416) 435-7965
email: dave.echung@gmail.com


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I am a Acupuncture and tui'na chinese massage practitioner. I help those in need of a physical and emotional change. View all posts by daveechung

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