Why do we hold emotional tension and frustration…

Why do we hold emotional tension and frustration in and try to push it deep down inside? We know its there, we think about them every moment of the day, but yet we try to pretend that it doesn’t exist. Is it that we have been taught that this is a sign of weakness? I would love to hear peoples opinions.

We burn an excessive amount of energy both mental and physical keeping these emotions down. It’s kinda like trying to hold a big beach ball under water. The ball keeps trying to make its way to the surface but we wrestle to keep it subdued. Until one day when we least expect it, whammo it blows up in our faces leaving us no choice but to deal with it. For most people after this happens there is a huge feeling of relief that’s been lifted.

If we don’t allow ourselves to express these emotions and work towards improving them, it will eventually create health challenges for us down the road.

Start today stop being so tough on yourself and smile……

For more info on how emotional stress can effect our physical health visit. http://bit.ly/a02vPx

David E Chung


About daveechung

I am a Acupuncture and tui'na chinese massage practitioner. I help those in need of a physical and emotional change. View all posts by daveechung

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