Eat for Fuel not Fulfilment

Eating for fuel

Clean healthy eating, a key to wellness

Food is our primary source of energy.  Meals ideally should consist of foods that are going to provide you with clean energy.  After eating you should feel energized, if you are feeling tired and lazy chances are you’re not eating the right food combinations.  This can lead to poor digestion, acid reflux, constipation and even headaches.  Focus on eating a healthybalanced diet.   Reduce all preservatives, food additives and chemically saturated foods. Commit to eating a healthy fresh organic diet that is full of colorful fresh produce.  This simple step can help improve your total quality of life. Don’t hesitate….


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I am a Acupuncture and tui'na chinese massage practitioner. I help those in need of a physical and emotional change. View all posts by daveechung

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